Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Q: What's the life expectancy of the mop head or how often do I need a new mop head?

A: It all depends on the frequency of usage, dimensions of cleaning area, and types of surfaces. In normal circumstances, a mop head can last between 2-4 months of cleaning.

2) Q: How do I get the mop to dry even more?

A: Place mop head with all its strains flat in the spinner. While holding on the handle, push down to activate the spinning cycle. When the handle is depressed to the bottom, pull it up to the top. Continue the same pumping motion until the mop head reaches desire dampness. (Suggestion: Pressing the mop handle down to the bottom then lifting up to the top rapidly and repeatedly for 3 – 6 times or more will ensure the mop head is dry or achieve the ideal dampness for mopping most hard surfaces.)

3) Q: Can I add any detergents into the bucket when mopping with the Spin & Go Pro?

A: Yes, you can add any type of biodegradable detergents into the bucket when mopping with the Spin & Go Pro.

4) Q: Can I put the mop head into the washer or dryer?

A: You the Spin & Go Mop head is machine washable. However, please DO NOT put it into an automatic dryer. Simply lay the mop head after washing at an airy place, and the mop head will dry quickly.

5) Q: Can the S&G Pro pick up pet or human hair from the floor?

A: Yes, but we advise using a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the floor prior to mopping.

6) Q: What's the difference between the Spin & Go Pro and the original Spin & Go mop?

A: The original Spin & Go has sold over 3 million units worldwide, and the main difference is that it uses a foot pedal mechanism to activate the spin cycle whereas the Spin & Go Pro houses the spinning mechanism inside the mop handle.

7) Q: I have seen other spin mops on the market; why should I buy the Spin & Go Pro and not those other ones?

A: The Original Spin & Go is the first of its kind spin mop as it was awarded various patents. Because of its huge popularity worldwide, many copies with inferior quality were introduced. The Spin & Go Pro has done it again where it is the first of its kind where you can spin dry the mop by pushing down on the mop head without ever lifting your foot or touching the dirty mop head with your hands. It's the new generation of cleaning!

8) Q: Is there any assembly with the Spin & Go Pro?

A: The Spin & Go Pro comes mostly assembled. You just need to screw in the pieces of the mop handle and then snap the mop head onto the handle. It takes seconds to get it ready for cleaning.

9) Q: Why do I need more mop heads than the one it already comes with?

A: Many of our 3 million plus customers worldwide choose to purchase more mop heads in order to clean different rooms and purposes with different mop heads for sanitary reasons. We recommend one for your kitchen and dining areas, one for your living room and bed rooms, one for bathrooms, one for cleaning windows and cars, and one for dusting. In addition, these microfiber mop heads do wear out eventually, so we want you to have a new one ready when you need it.

10) Q: Where can I order additional mop head, microfiber dusting cover and replacement handle kit in the future?

A: : Please click here to be redirected to our authorized Spin & Go Pro distributor to purchase additional mop head, microfiber dusting cover and mop handle kit.

11) Q: How do I attach the Mop Handle to the Mop head?

A: Place the upper disc onto the top of the interchangeable mop head at a slight angle. Step down on the elevated end of the upper disc until you hear a "Click". The Mop head is now secure and ready to use.

12) Q: Where is the Spin & Go Pro made?

A: It is made in Taiwan with high quality material and craftsmanship.

13) Q: What is the warranty coverage for this product?

A: Your Spin & Go Pro comes with a limited one year replacement warranty. Within one year of the purchase date, if your unit malfunctions due to manufacturer’s defect, please contact us by email ( along with a copy of your receipt and a photo of the part that is defective. Spin & Go Pro is made with the highest quality craftsmanship and material, but since it is a frequently used household product, part(s) can wear out over time. Therefore, defective parts covered under the warranty after 90 days of purchase date will require customer to pay for shipping & handling of the free replacement part.

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