Spin & Go Pro Wringing & Rinsing

Cleaning Power of Spin & Go Pro

Spin & Go Pro - Revolutionary Touchless Cleaning System

The Spin & Go Pro is a revolutionary 360° rotating mop
with a powerful spin cycle system!

Simply press the mop handle a few times,
and it automatically spins dry the mop!

No more touching a dirty mop ever again!
Spin & Go Pro's mop head is made of nano-technology with micro-fiber material!
It's super absorbent, and it's efficient at trapping dirt and messy spills! 
It covers a wide area, and makes your floor clean and dry every time!
Rinsing is easy, just dip the mop head into the bucket, 
with just a few pushes, it quickly cleans and spins dry!
There is no job too big for the Spin & Go Pro!