Customer Reviews

"Just wanted to let you know that my replacement mop disc arrived today!!!!! I'm back in business. Thanks again for the excellent customer service. I did leave a comment on your Facebook page!"

- Sincerely, Valarie


“Thank you so very much for your help in this matter and just shows how well you back your product!!! I'm very pleased with working with you and I will continue to tell everyone about how I love my mop and so worth the money. Now I can add that they have wonderful Warranty service if you ever have to use it. Thanks again for your time and I'm mailing check today.”

- Rene H.


"I want to thank you for responding to the issue by replacing the pail. Your actions show, to me, why you should always do business with a reputable company!  Again, I have to say the word of mouth is the Best advertisement.(Just can't wait to advertise.....!)"

- Sincerely, Linda M


"Thank you so much! my spin bucket replacement arrive today, just finished cleaning the floor. I will continue to give good reviews of this product on Amazon."

- Thanks Again, Ella C.


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